Brief Writing

I have written about our aspirations regarding creativity and minimalism. Well, a while back I entered a literary competition called ‘Freedom in 50 Words’. This was hosted by Waltham Forest Amnesty International in North East London in May 2011, and to enter you simply had to write pieces – stories, poems, anything – that were exactly 50 words in length, and on the subject of freedom. And then perform them, upstairs at the Rose & Crown in Walthamstow, where the event took place.
Here are a couple, one being then on a very topical theme:
Nakba day: we waited 63 years for this


15 May 2011

Palestinians climb the border fence between Syria and the Golan

Palestinians climb the border fence between Syria and the Golan

On a fine day in May

They began their walk

The first of the seven million.

In Lebanon and Jordan

In Syria and Egypt

In Gaza and the West Bank

They began their walk home

To meet again as one people.

Risking bullet, risking land mine,

The people of Palestine!

Tiananmen Square


is fragile like an eggshell

And as delicate as petals in the wind


is strong like an oak tree

and as powerful as the wings of an eagle


As fragile and as powerful as a young man

Standing in front of a tank

Holding two plastic bags




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Thriller night

Just for fun. I was going to a writing group, and we were each given a genre to write in, ‘to take us out of our comfort zone’. The title I was given was Thriller Night, and something Nikk, the group facilitator, jokily said became the subtitle, as it gave me the idea for this throwaway bit of frivolity!