Solution focus & creativity – a credo

“Marxism holds that the most precious activities are those done simply for the hell of it, and that art is in this sense the paradigm of authentic human activity.” – Terry Eagleton

Human beings are inherently creative people and solution focused practice is an inherently creative approach. There are at least three ways in which we see creativity being involved in our work.

  1. The minimalism of the solution focused approach provides a space in which creativity can flourish and develop. The solution focused practitioner enters the work with no preconceived ideas about what will help and no programme to follow, but with a commitment to listen to the client and to follow where this takes them. At the beginning there is a blank canvas and the marks that are made on it come from the emerging dialogue between practitioner and client. Solution focused practice is an interactively creative process.
  2. Solution focused practice helps people to be creative. By assuming that people can create all that they need to in order to resolve the problems that lead them to seek help, and that they are already using their unique ways of being creative, the solution focused practitioner fosters the creativity that people have within them, but which they sometimes forget they have.
  3. We bring creativity into our training courses and workshops, and we are committed to working with and alongside creators and artists to help us do and teach solution focused practice in the most useful way we can. At present this includes the development of a workshop for children combining a solution focused approach and cartooning, and the integration of solution focused ideas in the 5 Rhythms dance movement practice.

If art is the paradigm of authentic human activity, then it would be crazy not to draw upon it in our solution focused work.